glActiveTexture identifier not found

by Raghav, Friday, November 20, 2015, 13:04 (2163 days ago) @ Dinu SV

Thank you for the immediate response.

The same linking error is occurring in QDrawHistogram.hpp/.cpp and QMatRead.hpp/.cpp for glclear and glclearcolor. However including the declaration along with the corresponding class has solved that problem too. Further typecasting with double in lines 90 and 91 of QMatRead.cpp for ceil function has built the liveCV project successfully and I was able to run the examples placed in the project folder.

Thank you for the support.

However a small query again. Suppose if we create a new QT Quick project in QT5.5 and wanted to import the built lcvcore or other corresponding plugins, what I had done is the following which was not successful

1. Copied the plugins folder from application/release to /qml folder of QT 5.5 installation
2. Created a new Qt Quick project using Qtcreator
3. Added import plugins.lcvcore to main.qml

With this, the project got successfully built, but while running it has thrown the error /qml/plugins/lcvcore/lcvcore.dll: The specified module could not be found.

Appreciate your advice or suggestions in this regard


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