QMatDisplay Class

Main matrix display class. More...

Header: #include <QMatDisplay>
Instantiated By: MatDisplay
Inherits: QQuickItem
Inherited By:



Public Functions

QMatDisplay(QQuickItem *parent = 0)
QMatDisplay(QMat *output, QQuickItem *parent = 0)
virtual ~QMatDisplay()
bool linearFilter() const
QMat *output()
void setLinearFilter(bool filter)


Protected Functions

void setOutput(QMat *mat)
virtual QSGNode *updatePaintNode(QSGNode *node, UpdatePaintNodeData *nodeData)

Detailed Description

Main matrix display class.

Extend this class if you want to have a matrix type item that displays on screen. The display parameter is called output, which you can access by it's setter QMatDisplay::setOutput() and getter QMatDisplay::output().

Within a QML application, if an item is visible, the updatePaintNode() function is called when drawing the element. This can become useful if you have a matrix that requires extra processing only if it will be displayed on screen. when deriving this class, you can override the QMatDisplay::updatePaintNode() function, and implement the actual refurbishing in there. This way, if the element is not visible, you can save some processing time.

Property Documentation

linearFilter : bool

Access functions:

bool linearFilter() const
void setLinearFilter(bool filter)

Notifier signal:

void linearFilterChanged()

See also MatDisplay::linearFilter.

output : QMat * const

Access functions:

QMat *output()

Notifier signal:

void outputChanged()

See also MatDisplay::output.

Member Function Documentation

QMatDisplay::QMatDisplay(QQuickItem *parent = 0)

QMatDisplay constructor

Parameters: parent

QMatDisplay::QMatDisplay(QMat *output, QQuickItem *parent = 0)

QMatDisplay constructor

Parameters: output parent

[virtual] QMatDisplay::~QMatDisplay()

QMatDisplay destructor

[protected] void QMatDisplay::setOutput(QMat *mat)

Set the mat to be displayed.

See also output().

[virtual protected] QSGNode *QMatDisplay::updatePaintNode(QSGNode *node, UpdatePaintNodeData *nodeData)

Updates the scene graph node with the set matrix.

Parameters : node nodeData