User Guide

Installing Live CV

Installation on windowsStep by step tutorial on installing and running Live CV on windows.
Installation on linuxStep by step tutorial on installing and running Live CV on linux.

Using Live CV

Running and using Live CVMain concepts on using Live CV
ProjectsProjects and project structure
Static ItemsLive coding and static items in Live CV
Palettes and BindingsNew concepts in live coding
PluginsPlungins and plugin structure

QML Modules

liveLive CV QML Elements
lcvcoreComputer Vision core module.
lcvimgprocImage processing module.
lcvfeatures2dFeature detection module.
lcvvideoVideo processing module.
lcvphotoComputational photography module.

Developers Guide

Building Live CV

Building Live CVConfiguring and build options for Live CV on different Operating Systems.


Creating a PluginCreating a simple qml plugin and using it in Live CV
Creating a Live CV based pluginCreating a plugin dependent on Live CV libraries (live, lcvcore)
Creating a FilterCreating an image filter
Creating a Static ItemCreating a Static Item
Project ConfigurationConfiguring a Live CV project

Deployment Scripts

Live CV deployment scriptsUsing Live CV deployment scripts

C++ Modules

liveThe live module.
lcvcoreThe lcvcore module.
lcvimgprocThe lcvimgproc module.
lcvfeatures2dThe lcvfeatures2d module.
lcvvideoThe lcvvideo module.
lcvphotoThe lcvphoto module.
lcveditorThe code editor module.